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Robin Bushell

Motion Design in 8008 ZH

Your friendly neighbourhood Motion-man, available for :

Animated films

Motion graphics

3D design & animation


Grading, compositing and special effects for film

Robin Bushell


Motion Designer | Animation Director | Illustrator

I am a British born motion designer, animator and illustrator, living and working in Zürich since 2013.


I make films for companies large and small, I make adverts and infographics and music videos and event visuals and cinematic extravaganzas and 5 second gifs for social media.


I use motion design software, 3D software and audio software, as well as creating hand-drawn animations, stop motion, collage and photography, depending upon the demands of the project.


I very much enjoy my work and I uphold a policy of prioritising quality and originality wherever possible. My prices are fair and I tailor the production of each film to the respective budget.


If you are interested in working with me then please feel free to contact me, I will be glad to discuss any project or budget.

Robin Bushell | Motion Design


Ottenweg 24 | ZH 8008


+41 (0) 78 785 70 71 |